We provide funding opportunities for businesses to support growth and development.


We offer financial assistance for educational pursuits, including scholarships and grants.


We offer financial assistance tailored to individual needs, including personal loans and grants.

Real Estate

We provide funding for real estate ventures, including property acquisition and development projects.

Here's how it works

BsnsFunding is an online funding system brought up by share holder to create a space under the international development association (IDA). We are currently listed in 12 countries and provide funding to eligible clients


Easy to fill out. Your information is secure.


we require all client to upload basic information like location, address and IDENTITY after sign up is completed


There's no limit to the number of business funding you can receive as long as you meet the terms and conditions, and you have a registered LLC to back up each business capital.

Quick Story

I was helping line their pockets with even more cash - and they didn’t have to lift a finger

But it always left a pit in my stomach.

Because these CEO’s were already stupidly rich - and I was helping them get EVEN richer. All while people around me felt trapped... Worried they wouldn't be able to make ends meet this month... Or that they'd open their mailbox to a bill with a big red stamp saying...


It felt like life was passing them by...

Like everyone else was doing fine...

But they just couldn't catch a break.

And considering there's $3.75 BILLION in financial aid that's unclaimed every year...

It's safe to say these people who needed free money...

Simply weren't finding it!

And I don't blame them...

Because when I was working for these CEO's...


They have a program called the "Urban Homesteading Program" but it’s really a way to get homes for $1!


But how were you supposed to know that if I didn’t tell you!?

Now the thing is, as hard as the government makes it for you…

The money is out there…

An average of $14,356 per person!


These grants are paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS - you deserve to get the money back when you need it!

So I started exposing these government programs…

And blew the top off the free money that no one knew about!

I went on Oprah, Johnny Carson, David Letterman and more…

Where I’d tell people all about the free stuff they could get from the government.

With my help, people were finding free money like never before...

And completely turning their lives around.

Like Kyle who went from bankruptcy and losing his home...


To being completely debt free and living the life of his dreams.

Or Max who got all of this cash to help with his dog walking business!


Or Andrea who got a cheque in the mail to help with her bills and put a big smile on her face!


The results spoke for themselves...

People who had no idea there was money for them...

Were finally finding it...

And pulling themselves out of situations they had no reason to be in...

Because there was help for them all along.

And when you add up all my TV appearances, books, YouTube videos and more...

Over the last 40 years...

I've shown over 100 MILLION people where they can get FREE money! But there was always something missing…

Whether I gave out piles of grants in a book…

Talked about them on TV…

Or made video after video about them on YouTube…

You still had to dig through them yourself.

Which took plenty of time...

And it was possible you could miss out on a grant you were eligible for...

By either not seeing it...

Or not realizing it even applied to you.

Plus, some people would get confused with applications...

Or not know where to start...

And there was no one to ask for help.


I called this break-through free-money toolkit “BsnsX2”!

Because the company is owned by share holders who share the same IDA dream, and we are here to help.

we got some more insight into the grant and funding world and use this strategy to create a working and stable funding platform, helping our clients build their dream while assisting in building our connections.

And you won’t believe what happened nex!...

It absolutely exploded!

People were practically exploding my chat on how its done, and once i put them on they were grabbing funding left and right!...


The custom resources and method thats's used on this platform gave out direct funding stright to the source without delay or tax inetervention.

The personalized advice helped them overcome any roadblocks...

And the community of people helping each other made everyone feel hopeful…

So no one was giving up before striking gold!

Optimism was at an all time high, but...

I knew we could help even more - so when we reached $50m net worth of share holders funds we had the craziest idea yet.

During COVID, the government threw money at our funding business becuase we targeted where it mattered and hit the nail directly on the head, we threw out millions of grant applications and secured billions legally.

we decided the people around the world could put it to better use, but we were not just going to go around giving out thousands of free money

So we created the BsnsX2 system, this system comes in two ways

1. Either a client come to us, pitch his or her dream and get a direct and full funding from us for amount within 3 weeks, but we get to own 40% of every profit the business in question makes from that moment forever without fail. no tax, no deep investigation into type of business, full partnership OR

2. The client settles a 10% tax evaluation deposit for whatever funding amount is required, a registered business Llc will be required for this, funding for this option only goes from $10,000 to 200,000. upon successful funding you would be required to name us as key funding members once your business is up and running, This option has no pay back, no interest, and no ownership, pay your tax fee and get funding under 2 weeks.

In january a total of $1.5m was funded out, in february a total of $1.3m and we are currently reaching a $1.7m mark for march

...And we have funded over 876 business looking at about $23.5m over the years.

And then best part is all you have to do to apply and just watch the magic happen, curiosity killed the cat but it also saved my 100s of clients to date...

join BsnsFunding and tell me what you'd do with $1,000,000, most people dont know cause it's never been a thing to imagine.

And i dont blame them, you only go after what you know...

And you could receive $10,000 - $20,000 instantly to use for anything you need just by paying the IRS 10% fee! Talk about the easiest money ever!



What people are saying

Where does the money come from?

It's a documented fact that Billions of Dollars in Free Money are donated every year by American Corporate Giving Programs, Foundations, and other Charitable Institutions, Individuals, and Other Agencies.

We read daily about gigantic sums of Funding being given to businesses and individuals, just like you, to help them fulfill their goals and dreams, but often times these people will not tell you HOW or WHERE they got this Funding.

In order to know HOW and WHERE to tap into these vast treasures, don't sit around and hope you hear it through the grapevine, find out yourself with the help of BsnsFunding INC.

Many funding opportunities are awarded for projects and businesses for general operating expenses and other capital, such as, a new building or major pieces of equipment.

Sometimes you can also include inventory, salaries, labor, advertising, marketing, etc. Also remember that most funding is not available for personal expenses or paying off debt, but there are other assistance programs out there to help you out of your situation!


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Welcome to BsnsFunding INC, your gateway to accessing financial resources for your entrepreneurial endeavors. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses like yours by providing comprehensive guidance and access to funding opportunities.

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That's why we're committed to demystifying the funding landscape and directly getting you the capital funding you need to succeed.

Wether you're launching a startup, expanding your operations, or navigating tough times, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Discover the untapped potential of billions of dollars in funding with BsnsFunding INC. We specialize in connecting individuals and businesses with the financial resources they need to thrive.

Forget the uncertainty of navigating the complex funding landscape alone. With BsnsFunding INC, you gain access to expert guidance and a comprehensive database of funding opportunities. From securing capital for your projects to covering operational expenses, our platform is your gateway to realizing your goals and dreams.

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Don't worry about your present financial situation. Funding applications do not require collateral, credit checks, security deposits, or co-signers. You can apply even if you have a Bankruptcy. Also remember that government funding is not available for personal expenses or paying off debt, but there may be other assistance programs out there to help you out of your situation!

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